The ICZM–IRELAND website was developed by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre (CMRC) with a thought to provide the end user with up to date information related to the management of the coastal zone. An attempt has been made to provide as comprehensive a listing as possible of existing policies and legislation governing the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) process at international, European, national and local levels. These can be browsed using the Quick Link windows provided in the left panel of the screen. Furthermore, the ICZM–IRELAND website contains direct links to the government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that share responsibility for implementing ICZM. This information can be accessed by going to Administrative Structures quick link window in the left panel of the screen. The website also provides information on case studies at the EU and national levels (go to Case Studies quick link window).

Most of the documents listed on the ICZM-IRELAND website have been made available for download in PDF format. In order to be able to view documents in this format you must have Adobe Acrobat software installed on your computer. Click on the Get Adobe Reader icon in the left panel of the screen in order to download and install this software.

Moreover, by clicking on the Photo Album link in the left panel of the screen you can access the Georeferenced Atlas of Photo Imagery of the Coasts of Ireland (ACI) that offers a visual insight into the current status of Ireland’s coasts. The Atlas is still under development. Thus, the imagery currently available is limited to the coast of Co. Cork.

This website is managed by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre (CMRC) of the University College Cork. For further information please contact m.kozachenko@ucc.ie

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