Current status of ICM in Ireland

It has been seven years since Coastal Zone Management - A Draft Policy for Ireland was published (Brady et al., 1997). Since then very little has been done to further the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, despite statements of support from the government and from government departments.

The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (DCMNR) did, in its Strategy Statement 2001–2003, reiterate the need for a comprehensive integrated framework for sustainable management and development in the coastal area. The strategy states that the Department is committed to developing, as a priority, in cooperation with other relevant Departments, an ICZM strategy and legislative framework. The Department’s Strategy Statement for 2003 to 2005 goes a step further. In it, the Department makes the following pledges:

The most recent statement is an important commitment to updating the law relating to foreshore management, and for the development of strategies and processes that support a more integrated and coordinated approach to planning for, and management of, the coastal area. These are key factors that currently impinge on making ICZM a more integral part of the planning process. Adherence to the strategy for coastal management as outlined in the most recent Strategy Statement from the DCMNR will have implications for coastal management at the national level in the near future.

Brady Shipman Martin, (1997). Coastal Zone Management, a Draft Policy for Ireland - Discussion Document. Government of Ireland, Dublin.


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